HIPPOCRATES Prospective Observational Study (HPOS)

What is the HIPPOCRATES Prospective Observational Study or HPOS?

HPOS is a study of people with psoriasis running across Europe.

Led by a research team at University of Oxford and University College Dublin we are aiming to identify people at risk of developing psoriatic arthritis. This study is part of our HIPPOCRATES project and we are aiming to recruit 25,000 people with psoriasis in 2023-2025. HPOS website: https://hpos.study/

Who are we interested in?

We are interested in any adult with psoriasis.

Up to one-third of people with psoriasis will develop a related arthritis causing inflammation in the joints and tendons. We want to identify which people will develop arthritis with the long-term aim of trying to prevent the development of arthritis before it occurs.

Currently, the HPOS study is open for residents of the UK and Ireland.

We plan to launch the study in the following countries soon: France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and Greece. We have prepared a 'Keep Me Posted' page to keep you informed about our progress and any important updates, please enter your email address in this online form and we'll notify you as soon as registration opens.

As a 'Keep Me Posted' subscriber, you'll be among the first to know when registration officially opens in your country and receive updates and important news. In the meantime, please do share our website with friends, family, and colleagues who might be interested in taking part.

What will I have to do?

The study is all online with no hospital visits and involves completing questionnaires on a website.

Because the study aims to collect information over a five year period, we are aiming to make this as simple and flexible as possible. You can decide which parts of the study you want to be part of and how you would like us to contact you. Everyone will be asked to complete a small number of questionnaires, but we may invite you to some additional questionnaires depending on your answers. These are completely optional. You will be free to change your mind about your participation and your preferences throughout the study.

Before anybody can take part in medical research they need to give their informed consent. We ask you to carefully read our information sheet, and then register on the website.

  1. Go to the homepage and click 'Register'
  2. Register your details.
  3. On the next registration page we will ask you if you have read the information sheet and if you have any questions at all.
  4. If you have questions, you will be able to contact us via email.
  5. If you don`t have any questions, we will ask you to provide your written consent via the website. If there is anything on the consent form you are unsure about, you can always contact us.

How can I find out more?

Please find links below to find out more about the project and our partners.

  • HPOS website


  • HPOS flyer

    Download the HPOS flyer

  • Participant Information sheet

    The participant information sheet details what participation in the RUDY study will involve for you as a participant. We require that every participant reads the Participant information sheet before signing up for the study. Click here to read the information sheet about the HPOS study.

  • Consent form

    It is up to you to decide whether to join the HPOS study. The Participant Information Sheet will explain the study to you. If you would like to take part in the study after reading the Participant Information Sheet, we will ask you to sign a Consent Form. Here you can download a pdf copy of the consent form.